Mouth cameraTalk about an image being worth a thousand words. Today I saw a photo that was taken through someone’s mouth! He clenched a pinhole camera between his back teeth, photographic film and all. He then kept his mouth open long enough to expose the film. The picture is framed by teeth on all sides, and shows the guy’s feet sticking out in front of him, as he reclines in the bathtub. You can see that photo here.

The guy is Justin Quinnell, and he’s got a book (Mouthpiece) with all the hilarious images he creates with a pinhole camera through his mouth. The photo posted here is part of that book.

Here’s his website, where he shows you how to do all this, and lets you see more pictures!

UPDATE 8/18/08: Here’s a post from bioephemera about a pinhole camera made from a human skull in a project called Third Eye. Creepy, but compelling. He says;

Even more striking are the gelatin silver prints Belger creates using this camera. Ghostly and distorted, they could almost represent the visions of the skull’s disembodied spirit – the spirit, according to Belger, of an adolescent girl. I wish Belger supplied more examples of the photos on his website, because they are the most evocative part of this concept – the idea that the skull continues to “see” after death, perhaps in an even more enlightened state, and that those visions could be captured in an imperfect way.