I want to point out a neat-o blog, Cocktail Party Physics by Jennifer Ouellette. This blog has a lot of prolific material about physics, and is very popular. She recently visited San Francisco and here is her post about the Exploratorium.

That post concludes, “where everyone was encouraged to discover more about the topic at hand, pursue their own lines of inquiry, question assumptions and stereotypes (including their own ingrained biases, per that toilet drinking fountain), and test their theories in a hands-on fashion — so that their opinions actually have some substantial basis in fact. We need more places like this in the world, to counter all the ignorance-is-bliss-and-science-is-suspect Neanderthals out there. So this is my love letter to the Exploratorium, and every other science museum laboring to bring the light of knowledge to the masses. Your efforts are appreciated.”

Yay! Thanks Jennifer! Not that I can take much of the credit…