I gave a workshop last week at the California Math Council conference at Asilomar — on making and using podcasts in the mathematics classroom. Here are the handouts from that talk (PDF).

This is a challenging workshop to give because people come in with so many different levels of knowledge about podcasting. Some are just sort of curious about what it is, some have already made some podcasts, some want to know about the software required, some want to find out how it might be useful in their classroom but aren’t ready for the tech stuff. So I give a smattering of information, and we go through and make a quick recording and edit it, but I leave most of the tech stuff for people to find out on their own. The only time I had time to do everything in this workshop was when it was a 3 hour workshop and everyone got hands-on computer time. I may try to do a little bit more of that hands-on stuff in future workshops, though it’s hard because people are on different platforms (Mac or Windows).