secondlife.jpg There’s actually quite a bit of science in Second Life (the online virtual “massive multiplayer online role-playing game”). Second Life is a pretty popular place (42,967 online at the writing of this post), so in today’s age where it’s best to bring science to the people (because the people ain’t coming to science), having cool, fun science stuff in this world is pretty powerful stuff. Besides, you can do stuff in Second Life that you can’t do in real life (First Life) — shrink to the size of an atom, fly to Saturn, or visit a museum across the country.

The Exploratorium has a very fun museum online, check it out at EastLandTwo (175,75,25).  Lots of visual illusions and silly (and not so silly) science.  (You must be logged into SecondLife to visit this location).  See also my old boss Paul Doherty’s website, where he explains everythig you might want to know about museums in Second Life (written for other museum folk).

You can get swept away by a tsunami or just talk about the weather at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s home in Second Life — learn more about it here.

You can explore the moon, too, and walk along a moon rover, as NASA has also launched a SL island, read more about it here.
Other science destinations in Second Life:

Fly to Saturn at The International Spaceflight Museum, a museum of spacecraft and rocketry.
Spaceport Alpha 48, 78, 24

The Sci-Fi Museum displays items in a Holodeck, Indigo 75, 213, 22

The Planetarium, Midnight City 93, 78, 27

The Infinite Mind Museum The Infinite Mind 132, 201,37