The World’s Fair blog just published a post highlighting a study from 1946 — Scientific Analysis Simplifies a Housewife’s Work. They used motion-tracking to analyze the most movements leading to the most efficient method for making a bed.

In a similar vein, check out this “Good Wife’s Guide” from Housekeeping Monthly 1955.
I originally thought this was a spoof, but a while after I had posted it on my website, I got this email:

Greetings Stephanie,
Thought you might like to know that “The Good Wife’s Guide” is NOT a spoof. About three years ago, I bought a handful of old magazines at a garage sale, one of which was “Housekeeping Monthly”, May 13, 1955. “The Guide” is/was indeed in there.

If ya Google Image “The Good Wife’s Guide”, a number of the images have some lines faintly highlited with yellow, and the last line, in the RH column, has a squiggly circle drawn around it. That is my highliting, and my squiggly.

The tragedy here is that in the process of trying to get rid of some clutter, I tossed the magazine. Been kicking myself ever since. Learned my lesson tho, ..
Never, Ever, Throw ANYTHING Away!
The attachment is a scan of a real ad, on a real magazine, dreamed up by un-real minds.

So, anyhooo .. take care out there. I wish you Peace
later daze,
– bryan

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