Here’s a totally cool output from my old “alma mater”: the Exploratorium Digital Library Afterschool Project. This website has fantastically simple videos on how to do a selection of cool activities that the creative folks at the Exploratorium have come up with over the years. The point of this particular website is to promote activities to be done after school, but really, these activities can be used for a variety of different purposes. And they’re just really neat.

This is part of the Exploratorium’s Digital Library, a collection of digital resources from the Exploratorium for use by educators. This is a fantastic service, if you’re an educator or not!

Another neat resource for educators is the National Science Digital Library’s Content Clips — which lets educators build their own collection of digital resources for use in the classroom. Here’s what the NSDL says about it:

Content Clips is a free, interactive web environment that features compelling online resources for K-12 teachers, including images, sounds, and video clips to help build student understanding of science concepts and the natural world. It offers easy-to-use tools (no programming required), a growing multimedia collection, an “add-your-own-clip” feature, and a simple way to combine and arrange online content from multiple sources into customized presentations or learning activities. The interactive fossil sort, used as part of an assessment probe activity and the electronic storybooks in the most recent issue of the Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears magazine, illustrate how teachers can use Content Clips to create their own classroom interactives. Note that Content Clips requires Adobe Flash.