OK, ok, I’ll start a blogroll. It seems to be the happenin’ thing to do, and I do read so many great articles on other blogs and want to acknowledge them in some way! So here’s Steph’s geekgirl picks for the last handful of weeks:

Cocktail Party PhysicsPretty Poison –– on how men don’t believe a woman can kick their ass (until she does) and takes us back to a history of bad-ass women whose weapon of choice was arsenic. And for those of you who, like me, read and were understandably puzzled by the climate-change denialism piece in the Physics & Society newsletter of the American Physical Society, she comments in detail on this climate change kerfuffle. And finally, she writes a really interesting post about teeth and her recent root canal and why you might feel tooth pain in your eye.

Built on Facts is my new favorite blog and he’s got some real zingers this month, such as the temperature inside a microwave oven (not as hot as you’d think!), how a rope hangs perfectly to minimize energy (yes, the lovely catenary), and the physics behind the fact that hairbrushes don’t burst into flame when we drop them.

NPR – The Center for Inquiry (which has a fantastic podcast, called Point of Inquiry focusing on rationalism and critical thinking), holds a summer camp for skeptics called Camp Inquiry. Framing Science explains why this is a better face of atheism than angry hostility — “Rather than attacks and ridicule, the camp kids are focused on learning, reflection, and dialogue.” Sounds good to me.

Deep Sea News posts a disturbing chart about ocean species decline worldwide. It’s stunning.

Active Learning blog posts a great wealth of ways that you can test student learning in constructivist classrooms.