PERticles posts about useful articles in physics education research

Cocktail Party Physics on the science of wine, our perception of its quality, and just how much we can say about wine based on real evidence.

Bad Astronomy on ten things you didn’t know about the earth. Nice read. Lots of stuff I didn’t know!

Cognitive Daily on a new study on short term memory. It seems likely that we store memories of sounds and memories of spatial locations in the same part of the brain. Also interesting is a post on how our visual perception works when determining what part of a scene is background (figure/ground relationships).

Twisted Physics writes on the original moon hoax (bad-men in the moon) and on what really happens to you in a vacuum.

Informal Learning Blog on how they were convinced that Facebook could be used as an educational tool.

Swans on Tea on birefringence of iPod screens (pretty colors!) and the top ten physics videos.