Here’s some link love for the last few weeks…

Ms. Ouellette has a delightfully morbid post about preserving corpses (including those from the Body World exhibit) over at Cocktail Party Physics. If you’ve got a morbid streak (like I do), here’s also my little post about the science of death (which, not surprisingly, refers to another of Cocktail Party Physics posts).

Skyguy gives video answers to kids’ questions about the universe, like why are galaxies swirly and how many galaxies are there? Any K-12 teachers (and any kids!) will want to check out his video blog.

Uncertain Principles gets down to the gritty to answer just what he would do to fix science education.

Built on Facts talks about how the safety of robot cars is just a matter of statistical perception

Female Science Professor on the weird list of guidelines given to her at a PTA meeting, and how such a list could be productively used for clueless students visiting her in office hours.

Cycling scientists are a duo from my alma mater (UC Santa Cruz) cycling around the wilds of Australia to bring science to remote outback schools.  You can see their blog here.