Hey all you bio-babes (and bio-boys) out there, wanna give us some feedback?  A good friend of mine is a biologist and science writer, and is starting a new blog.  No, you can’t read it yet, it hasn’t begun, but she’s searching for the “killer app” of a name.  She’s got some ideas, below, and I thought perhaps some readers here might have some feedback or ideas!

She says:

I want my blog to mostly be a humorous look at unusual/interesting/beautiful living organisms, but also to include biology and science in general, with a sprinkling of psychology, archaeology, linguistics and popular culture. “A blog about the weird wonderfulness of life” is my working tag line (or should it be the wonderful weirdness of life?).

Here are some title ideas.  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  Of course, we can’t dare to compete with the lovely simplicity of Bioephemera, but we can aspire to some lower level on the nomenclature food chain.

  • The Artful Amoeba  (reference to “The Artful Dodger”, cleverness of amoeboid slime molds, and how beautiful they, and by extension, a lot of other organisms, are)
  • Angry Amoeba  (.com taken, inexplicably, by a web development company)
  • Neon Centipede
  • Neon Crawling Slime
  • Bashful Brittlestar
  • The Inquiring Tentacle
  • Goodly Creatures (Reference to The Tempest: Miranda:”O Wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here!”)
  • Wild Kingdoms (.com taken — reference to Mutual of Omaha and Linean taxonomy)
  • Kingdoms Gone Wild
  • Witty Water Strider
  • The Well Cultured Amoeba
  • The Well Cultured Bacterium
  • Linean Explosion (from Carolus Lineaus, one of my science heroes and inventor of binomial nomenclature, and Cambrian Explosion)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback on favorites!