carole_landisSorry for the lack of posts lately — I’m on the verge of porting the blog over to a new location, and holding off on posting so that I don’t have to re-post after I make the move while I’m in this limbo state.  So, stay tuned for the unveiling of the new location!

For those of you in Boulder or Denver– are you interested in learning about podcasting?  We’re pulling together a small group of people (mostly writers) who would like me to teach them a little bit about why to podcast, and how to go about it.  The cost will be lower the more people we’ve got, and we’ll tailor the workshop (and its length) to the needs and desires of people in it.  So, if you’re curious, this is a great way to dive in!  Contact me at riggmail-geek (at) yahoo (dot) com.

I’ve also run some workshops for K-12 teachers on listening to, using, and making podcasts in the classroom, if anybody has an interest in that workshop.