The Exploratorium has done a lot of fun stuff with the physics of baseball, including a whole website devoted to the science of baseball (where’s the sweet spot on the bat? What are baseballs made of?). One of our senior artists, Dave Barker, has also created the Bat Marimba (photo above). I’ve just posted a new episode of my Science Teaching Tips podcast about the physics of baseball (listen to it here: Hey, batter batter!) with a beautiful performance of the bat marimba. Below is a YouTube video of Dave talking about the physics of baseball and of the amazing Walter Kitundu playing the marimba.

120px-baseball_crop.jpgHey baseball fans — the all-star game was just last week in San Francisco, so the Exploratorium did a whole bunch on the science of baseball. Fun stuff. How does a curveball work, and what makes a sinker? Here are some links:

KQED Quest show on baseball (about 20 minutes) including our Teacher Institute director Linda Shore and senior graphic artist Dave Barker. A really nice show. A segment of this show was aired on News Hour with Jim Lehrer!

The front page of the San Francisco Chronicle showed our staff member Sebastian Martin throwing a baseball “like a European.” Well, he is German… Some interesting stuff about physics in there too.

Iron Science Teacher show on baseball. Our live webcast featuring a secret ingredient… last week was baseball! This is the first time a member of the audience has won the contest! Amazing kid…