I just had a short article published in The Physics Teacher (in Websights) on useful blogs for physics teachers.  (Woo hoo!)  That article was somewhat truncated from the original, so for any of you who have found my blog through that article, here is the full article as I wrote it.

PDF-of-physics-blogs (with lots of juicy links to blogs)

Richard Hake (of Physics Education Research fame) has just posted a very nice list of 32 education blogs, fully annotated with useful descriptions of the content and author of each blogs. Includes blogs on eLearning, how people learn, mathematics education research, and more.

UPDATE 12.1.08  Hake has now posted an updated list of 60 education blogs.

Note my earlier post on a list of education blogs from the Nat’l Science Digital Library.

And also a list of 5 mistakes to avoid when using blogs with students.

And another post on Why let our students blog