The Exploratorium has a Flickr site devoted to images of the eclipse, and a link to a really neat video of the eclipse as seen at 27,000 feet.

Any of you Second-Lifers out there, who are also crazy enough to stay up all night to watch an eclipse, come to one of many locations in Second Life the night of July 30/August 1. Totality is at 4:09 am Linden Time, but the party starts earlier than that. Put it on your calendars! Should be a real fun time — co-hosted by my old boss Paul Doherty (funnest boss on the planet & a great science communicator). I’ll be there. I’m DrSteph Scanlan in SL — look me up!

Here is the Exploratorium’s website on the eclipse

and here is their blog from the crew in China.

And here’s more on the Exploratorium in Second Life